Working with society, companies and governments to promote animal welfare and a more ethical, healthy and sustainable way of eating.


A more ethical, healthy and sustainable future, where all people can access delicious and nutritious food without animal products.

Our Values


We recognize and value the qualities and rights of all human and non-human animals, and we seek to build our work from them.



We always put ourselves in the other’s shoes. We know that change is difficult and that there are many different paths towards achieving transformation.


We are 100% committed to our work and are giving our whole selves to this cause to achieve the impact we know we can create.


We want to reach everyone regardless of personal characteristics, differences, and without judgment. We all count.

Effective Altruism

Our organization seeks to work under the principles of Effective Altruism, managing our resources so that we can help a greater number of animals, in the best possible way. Thus, all projects are evaluated under three key criteria: scale, neglectedness, and tractability.

Vegetarianos Hoy was recognized as a Standout Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators, an international and independent entity that analyzes organizations that work for animals around the world and calls for donations to support them to continue carrying out their important work.

We are among one of the main and most effective animal organizations in the world.


Board Members

Ignacia Uribe Rojas

Javiera Mayorga Osorio

Iván Flores Martínez

macarena montes franceschini
Legal Director


Ignacia Uribe Rojas

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Javiera Mayorga Osorio
Director of Development

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cristian apiolaza acevedo
Legal Director

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Catalina castaño correa
Colombia campaign Manager

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Head of Diet Change

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Gastón Sabres
Press Manager

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Camila Ahumada Ortiz
Public Affairs manager

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Mª Soledad Aros Talamilla
Development Technical Analyst

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez
Management Control Analyst

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Andrea Amores Moreno
México campaign Manager

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Agustina Inostroza
ARGENTINA campaign Manager

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Victoria Hernández Moris
Head of Corporate Development

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Camila Jerez
digital manager

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Gabriela Garrido Gajardo
Chile campaign manager

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Daniela Carvacho
Public Policy analyst

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Our History

Vegetarianos Hoy is a non-profit organization, created in Santiago (Chile) in 2012 by the journalist and Master in Animal Law Ignacia Uribe Rojas, after learning of an alarming fact: 84% of vegetarians / vegans eat meat again, and 50% relapse into this habit during the first year, due to not having adequate knowledge or social support. Since that first year we have participated as active members of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), an international organization in which we have being part of their International Council since April 2017. And since 2019 we are participate in the Food and Climate Alliance.

There is reliable data that farm animals are the most affected animal group and the one that receives the least amount of donations and financing, which is why Vegetarianos Hoy concentrates its efforts on promoting a change in eating habits that can benefit the largest number of animals possible.

First as a group of volunteers, and today as a team of professionals commited to the cause -working in Chile, Colombia and Mexico-, we have advanced over the years, improving our interventions and campaigns to impact more and better the lives of thounsands of animals.

Over the years, our work has been supported by The Pollination Project, Center of Efective Vegan Advocacy, Animal Charity Evaluators, Open Wings Alliance, ProVeg, A Well-Fed World, Womxn Founders in Animal Rights, among others.