Why donate for animals?

The factory farming industry generates irreparable damage to the ecosystem and the lives of millions of animals, deforesting land, contaminating water and soil, as well as emitting 18% of greenhouse gases.

Every year more than 75 billion farmed animals are slaughtered… 8.8 times the human population in the world.

It is urgent to make a change in our food system for the future of the planet.

Why donate to Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy?

We work to make visible the reality that millions of farmed animals lives in Latin America. We work to make the population aware of the benefits of the benefits of acquiring a plant-based diet, for animals, for the health of people and for the planet.

Join the Vegetarianos Hoy community and you will be helping to save the lives of millions of animals!

Donate 1 USD 💵 and save 30 farmed animals’s lives 🐓🐷🐥


Make a donation to the Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy account with the following banks details: 

      • Name: Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy
        Bank: Banco Estado
        Account Type: Cuenta Corriente
        Account Number: 000-0-446465-6
        Rut: 65.138.337-4

If you can’t donate, help us for FREE at abillion.

abillion is a free application that allows you to discover and review vegan dishes and products anywhere in the world. Plus, geo-reference restaurants with vegan options based on your location.

Every time someone reviews a vegan dish or product, abillion gives them a dollar to donate to foundations that work for animal defense.

It’s your chance to donate FREE to Vegetarianos Hoy.